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Guarenteed Services?

I offer a thirty (30) day guarantee on the services that I perform; providing that the following conditions have been met:

  • I fully complete the job, and all payments owed must be paid and funds cleared
  • Hardware is covered (for example, if your computer cannot turn on properly, if you cannot print, the keyboard or mouse doesn’t work, your sound or speakers don’t function, or you can’t get on the internet via the modem or router, assuming it is not the fault of your internet service provider, I will service you without charge)
  • Software support is provided at my discretion (for example, you can’t get into Microsoft Word or Excel or can’t open Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Mozilla Firefox)
  • What is NOT covered is going on adult or gambling sites or opening spam emails and wondering why there is a virus/spyware/popup/slowness problem
  • Also, what is NOT covered is if you install a new piece of hardware or software and then another program or piece of hardware doesn’t function properly because of that installation

Therefore, if you are uncertain if something might go wrong, CALL ME FIRST BEFORE YOU TRY ANYTHING! 

I have no problem consulting with you over the phone before a situation would occur to avoid issues and avoid a potential problem with an unnecessary visit.

Warranty support starts on the day of the service call.

 I also may extend warranty work promise beyond the 30 days – especially if it is a repeat problem I could not fix properly during my attempts within those 30 days.

Computer Setup, Installs, & Relocations Services

Services Info

Matt’s PC Service in Boynton Beach Florida, provides complete IT support and services for individuals or small sized businesses. I am a certified IT technician who is highly skilled and have several years of experience in IT support solutions and service. Technology is forever advancing, and I want your business to grow along with the advancing technology. Additionally, I’ll consider your business requirements and budget and provide you with the best possible IT service

IT Services

More Services Info

  • Apple & Windows Computers – Laptops & Desktops 
  • Data Backup – cloud (online) or on-site (via hard drives or flash drives)
  • Hardware Migration – from older to newer PCs or even Mac to Windows and Windows to Mac. 
  • Printers – Wired & Wireless All-In-Ones, Inkjet, Laser
  • Networking & Hubs – Cable/Fiber modems, routers, firewalls – wired or wireless
  • Smartphones – iPhone and Android-based – Syncing/backing up email accounts, contacts, music, ringtones, movies/TV shows, pictures, calendars, web browser favorites, and installing apps
  • Tablets – Apple, Samsung, Amazon, Microsoft, and Barnes & Noble 
  • Smartwatches – Apple or Google
  • Smart Speakers – Amazon or Google 
  • Smart Plugs – Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant compatible
  • Smart TVs – Samsung, LG, Vizio, Sony, TCL, and Sharp
  • Smart Cars – Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, and remote access or start with your phone or watch
  • Streaming Media Players – Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Google Chromecast, Apple TV, and Kodi 
  • Streaming Media Services – Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video, Apple Music, Google Music, Amazon Music, Spotify, and Pandora
  • Video conferencing – Skype, Zoom, Teams, Facebook, Meet, Webex, Facetime, Duo, Houseparty, Hangouts, GoToMeeting, and Jabber with internal or external webcams
  • Digital Cameras – Transfer of pictures from memory cards and addressing RAW files

    Computer Repairs

    Even More Service Info

    • Hardware or software diagnostics
    • Viruses or Malware
    • Internet Service Provider troubleshooting – AT&T, Comcast, Blue Stream (Advanced Cable), Hotwire, and Verizon 
    • Data Recovery
    • Optimization with Tune-Ups
    • Preventive security with networking, Internet, E-Mail, or Parental Control
    • Password recovery with files or Operating Systems
    • Windows or Mac OS Operating System reinstalls OR system restore (Windows) or Time Machine (Apple)
    • Hard drive resizing with transfers or cloning
    • Internal Computer Parts – Memory, video cards, hard drives, solid-state drives, sound cards, DVD and Blu-Ray drives, media card readers, Motherboards with CPUs & fans or liquid cooling, and power supplies
    • External Computer Parts – UPS’s (Uninterruptible Power Supplies), USB hubs, computer cases, keyboards & mice, speaker systems

      Support Services

      So Much More Service Info

      I offer support through cell phone, texts, email, and video conferencing. 

      I can also offer additional troubleshooting through remote client software to see your computer screen like I was there (diagnostic fees MAY apply! – especially if you’re over the 30 day warranty period).

      I offer a 9 am to 9 pm window, 7 days a week, to be flexible and accommodate your needs.

      If all else fails, I will schedule an appointment with you and go to your location as soon as possible to resolve those pending issues.